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Competence in analytics, molecular biology, and liquid handling – for almost 25 years now

Our excellent products and outstanding technical support will efficiently help you to establish and optimise your workflow. Due to our worldwide network of providers and manufacturers, we can in most cases supply the products best suited for your application. To ensure short delivery times we hold most common products in stock. If there is no product on the market that meets your needs, we just design a solution especially for you!

Competence in “Service for science”

“Service” is not just a word for us. As the overall motto, it is not less than an essential part of our business. To support you with more than just a product has been our mission ever since. We have always enjoyed going beyond borders and designing and manufacturing products for the specific needs of our customers. It makes us proud that we could make so many customers happy over the last 25 years by designing and manufacturing mechanical parts and equipment for them. In addition to that, we can now also offer to design PCR/qPCR reagents as well as magnetic bead kits for your specific needs. Our new Genomic Service covers standard DNA extraction as well as the development of complex assays or the search and validation of biomarkers. And your pipettes are also welcome for repair and service.

Certified Service

Our internal processes and our QS-system comply with the most modern requirements and work according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

Environment Concerns Us

Saving energy and resources has always been of high importance to us. Our building is operated with modern gas heating and run with certified green energy from “Lichtblick”. We permanently monitor and optimize our internal processes, and have also developed environmental friendly products like our waste-free “TipTower” pipette tip refill system. Users have saved tons of packaging material and CO2 without lacking the luxury of racked pipette tips.

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Worldwide network

Worldwide Supply Chain

Our concept of superior customer service has convinced many renowned companies all over the world to choose us as their distribution partner.

For many years we have been Premium Regional Partner of Mettler-Toledo GmbH (Gießen). Their mother company Mettler-Toledo Rainin (Greifensee, CH) took a license from us for manufacturing and distributing the manual 96-channel pipettor branded LIQUIDATOR96®worldwide (except for Germany, which we cover ourselves). Another major partner is DNA Genotek (Ottawa). We are their official distributor for Germany and Austria, e.g. for their legendary ORAgene saliva kits or their new OMNIgene kits for microbiome research.

We supply products from Corning/Axygen as well as from 4titude Ltd. (Wotton, UK). We are very successfully distributing Neptune brand pipette tips from BIOTIX Inc. (San Diego) and we have been working with BRAND GmbH & Co. KG (Wertheim) for many years. More recently, our close cooperation with magtivio B.V. (Geleen) – formerly MagnaMedics B.V. – has enabled us to offer magnetic bead-based solutions for capturing and purifying biomolecules.


Dr. Bernd Steinbrenner

Managing Director

Uli Christ

Product & Marketing Manager, QMB

Your Product Specialist for DNA Genotek Products, Consumables, Magnetic Beads, and PCR.

+49 (152) 3361 2918

Manfred Lux

Sales Manager Germany

Your Product Specialist for KingFisher Accessories, LIQUIDATOR96, NGS, and qPCR

+49 (152) 3361 3268

Jan Winter

Product Manager Genomics

PCR, qPCR, Magnetic Beads & CRISPR/Cas9

+49 (152) 3361 2537

Tobias Steinbrenner

Purchase and Logistics, Customer Service

Your Product Specialist for Pipette Service

+49 (0)6223 861247

Silke Lange

Customer Service

Your Contact for Orders and Delivery

+49 (0)6223 861247

+49 (0)6223 861248