Plates and seals may well influence the performance of your assay (Reiter 2008).
White assay plates like e.g. our primaPLATE SL-PP384-LC oder 4ti-0951 generally show a higher sensitivity due to a reduced light distraction compared to standard clear plates.

The sealing film has also a considerable effect for the performance. You should thus not use standard PCR adhesive films, but optically clear seals instead. You can choose from pressure sensitive films, strong adhesive films, or heat-sealing films.

Pressure sensitive films like our primaSEAL qPCR-2 are non-sticky and need a certain pressure for sealing. Heat-sealing films are first choice if you need maximum sealing. Although this option requires a heat sealing device, it may also pay off financially if you constantly have a large amount of plates to seal.

Reiter, M., & Pfaffl, M. W. (2008). Effects of Plate Position, Plate Type and Sealing Systems on Real-Time PCR Results. Biotechnology & Biotechnological Equipment, 22(3), 824–828.