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Reagents and Components for SARS-CoV-2 Testing

Saliva Sampling Kit for DNA/RNA with Swab and Integrated Lysis Buffer

  • Non-infectious

  • RNA stabilised for 60 days

  • For lysis, just heat tube up to 50 °C, no transfer step!

  • Safe and easy handling

  • Product with EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) of FDA

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Magnetic Beads for Extraction of Viral RNA

  • Cost efficient and fast

  • Highly efficient

  • Small elution volume

  • Perfect for manual and automated workflow

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Fast qPCR Detection Kit

  • Results in just about 50 minutes

  • Internal process control included

  • Duplex One-Step RT-qPCR
  • Made in Germany

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KingFisher™ Accessory Kit

  • Perfect fit for KingFisher™ Flex / 96
  • Sets for KingFisher™ Flex / 96
  • Different pack size options

  • Made in Germany

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96 Deep Well Plates

  • 1.2 mL and 2.2 mL deep well plates

  • 2.2 mL deep well plates compatible with KingFisher™ Flex/96
  • Made in Germany

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One-Step RT-qPCR

Super Fast Protocol with extremly short cycles of 15 sec

  • Made in Germany
  • High Sensitivity

  • Best suited for multiplexing

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LIQUIDATOR96®, the Manual 96-Channel Pipettor

For most comfortable and efficient work with 96– and 384-well plates

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Polymerases and Master Mixes for PCR and qPCR

 High performance products with superior sensivity, specifity, and robustness

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OMNIgene Microbiome Kits from DNA Genotek

Excellent sample quality and stability, safe and convenient handling

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ORAgene Saliva Sampling Kits from DNA Genotek

Safe and easy handling, excellent sample quality, high yield of DNA and RNA

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Magnetic Beads and Kits for Extraction and Cleanup of Biomolecules

Products available for DNA and proteins, PCR cleanup, NGS size selection, and sample preparation for LC/MS

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Plastics and Consumables

Filtertips, KingFisher™ Accessory Kit, Plates and Strips for PCR/qPCR, Plate Seals, Storage- and Deepwell Plates, Reagent Reservoirs

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Full Service for Your Pipette

Repair and Calibration according DIN/ISO 8655 and DAkkS

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Lab Equipment

Manual and automated pipetting

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Customised Products and Individual Solutions

Adapters, cooling blocks, handling devices, racks and many more

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