Our section “consumables” comprises a selection of plastics for PCR/qPCR, storage, reservoirs and pipette tips as well as seals. The products come from renowned manufacturers all over the world and meet highest quality expectations. Please ask for a quote of our brands primaPLATE primaSEAL and primaSTRIP, or our NEPTUNE filter tips with low retention quality. You will be surprised by their attractive pricing.

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Microtitre PCR plates in 96- and 384-well format


Seals and foils for qPCR, PCR and storage


PCR 8-strips

Neptune Filter Tips

High performance filter tips

KingFisher™ Accessory Kit

Plastics for KingFisher™ and Qiagen Biosprint™ 96

Deep-Well Plates

Various plate types in 96 well format

Reagent Reservoirs

In different volumes and versions

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