The Attractive Alternative for KingFisher™
Cost-saving and validated consumables und magnetic bead kits


Consumables for KingFisher™

Deepwell-Plates, Elution Plates, and Tip Comb

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DNA Extraction Kits for KingFisher™

For Cell Culture, Tissue, Plants, Hair, Blood, Saliva, Urine and other Body Fluids

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DNA Extraction with KingFisher™

MagSi-DNA Animal Kit

DNA extraction from cell culture, tissue, meat, and hair

  • Advanced lysis buffer and especially designed magnetic beads
  • Provides high purity DNA from a variety of sources
  • Optimized handling properties
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No re-programming of KingFisher™ required

We provide a free BindIt file which is validated for KingFisher with our beads and plastics.

MagSi-DNA Vegetal Kit

DNA extraction from plants and plant material

This kit contains a high-tuned buffer system for extraction of DNA from plants and plant material.

  • Suited for leaves, roots, seeds, and stem and other parts of various plant species
  • Provides DNA of high purity
  • Optimized handling properties
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MagSi-DNA Body Fluid Kit

DNA extraction from blood and saliva

Suited for Blood and Saliva.

  • Provides high yield of DNA of excellent quality (high molecular)
  • Optimized handling properties
  • Ideally suited for saliva sampling kits like the Oragene kits from DNA Genotek, Ottawa.
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Consumables for KingFisher

  • Plastics with optimized fitting design
  • Plates with alphanumeric lettering
  • Highly resistant towards solvents and acids
  • All products compatible with QIAGEN BioSprint96™
We have put together an accessory-kit that fits perfectly to the KingFisher™ workflow. This standard bundle consists of the following components:

Four deepwell-plates (2 ml square-wells) for sample preparation and washing steps

One plate is intended for mixing the samples with the binding buffer and the magnetic beads.

The remaining three 96 -well deepwell plates are intended for for washing steps as requested by most commonly used protocols.


One 96 Tip-Comb

The 96 Tip-Comb protects the magnetic rods of the KingFisher™ device and also prevents carry-over of samples.

One Elution Plate (200 µl, square-wells)

This plate is being used by the KingFisher automate to collect the DNA by deluting it from the beads.

Our standard bundle (4:1:1) comprises

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