Liquid Handling Station – a low cost and flexible automated system

The ideal instrument for newcomers to lab automation with a limited budget. The compact design and the smart and intuitive software make it suitable for a wide range of pipetting tasks.
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  • Efficiently and reliably, Liquid Handling Station takes over tedious and error-prone pipetting tasks

  • Precise performance of pre-programmed pipetting routines

  • Compact measures

  • Silent in operation

  • User friendly design and software for fast creation of methods

  • Variable configuration with adapters and changeable liquid ends

  • Attractive pricing

  • 8 working positions with SBS-footprint (including one wastebox)

  • Compact 595 mm x 495 mm x 690 mm (front door open) (1)

  • 5 Liquid ends (3) to cover volume range from 1 µl – 1000 µl

  • Versatile Accessories

  • Dispensing samples, buffer, PCR- and qPCR mastermixes

  • ELISA pipetting start-/stop reagents, filling and washing plates

  • Cell Culture creating daughter plates, changing media

  • Serial Dilution in rows/columns

  • Cherry-Picking

  • Sample Preparation adding lysis buffer, removing supernatants

Liquid End Volume range
R* = ± % CV* = %
Single Channel
1 – 50 50 1.5 0.5
25 2.0 0.8
5 6.0 3.0
10 – 200 200 1.0 0.3
    100 1.5 0.4
20 4.0 1.5
40 – 1000 1000 1.0 0.2
500 1.5 0.3
100 3.0 1.0
8 – Channel 1 – 50 50 1.5 0.6
25 2.0 1.0
5 8.0 4.0
20 – 300 300 1.2 0.4
150 1.6 0.6
30 5.0 2.5
   * R = accuracy, CV = coefficient of variation


Liquid Ends
Single channel (1-50 µl)
Single channel (10-200 µl)
Single channel (40-1000 µl)
8 channel (1-50 µl)
8 channel (20-300 µl)

Tube Racks
PCR Cooling Rack
0,5 ml Tube Rack
1,5 ml Tube Rack

Height Adaptors
30 mm adaptor
60 mm adaptor
Tip adaptor

Stand for Liquid Ends
3 slots
5 slots

Cooling Racks
PCR-cooler (96-well)

Adaptor for PCR plates
96-well adaptor
384-well adaptor



With the following screen shots we will show you how easy it is to create a new method with very little software commands. Please click the photos to enlarge.

If you have any further questions or need more information, please contact us.

The „Homescreen“ provides a quick overview of all existing methods. The system configuration can be checked or altered via the menu option.

When creating a new method you can also add descriptions to trace and explain applications and changes.

As soon as a method has been named you are guided to a graphic workbench surface. Here you see the 8 working positions and what they carry.

When choosing a position (e.g. P1) the selection box on the right side shows you the possible options for this position.

The menue offers additional options how to use the selected working position. Via “Quick Search” the consumables can easily be selected and in the next step the pipetting parameters for this position are being defined, e.g. the pipetting volume, type of liquid, speed for aspiration and dispense. These parameters can be altered at any time.

After chosing the configuration of the working positions you can now start to define your application via software commands.

The command „Transfer“ defines the pipetting step in detail: pipetting mode, source and destination of the transfer, and which liquid end to use (e.g. 8-channel tool)

With „Edit Transfer“ the pipetting volume is determined. Next step is to choose which wells to be used.

After finishing all transfers and commands the method is started via „Execute“. Before starting the pipetting process the software shows you all relevant information, e.g. how many tips are needed and the runtime of the method. The timeline displays information when to change consumables or liquid ends.

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