Magnetic Beads – a technology with many benefits

Magnetic beads with functionalised surfaces are a valuable tool for a variety of applications in life sciences and diagnostics. They allow to extract biomolecules like proteins, DNA or RNA very fast, efficiently and cost-saving. Our product range comprises kits for various source materials such as bacteria, blood, plant material and saliva. We also offer beads for NGS (PCR cleanup and size selection) as well as for Sanger sequencing (dye terminator removal). In combination with our magnets and magnet plates, best performance is guaranteed.

Extraction of DNA/RNA and proteins with magnetic beads

  • No laborious and time-consuming centrifugation steps
  • Very efficient and cost-saving
  • Easy to automate, also suited for HTS
  • High yield and purity
  • Easy to scale
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Magnetic Beads for Preparation of LC/MS samples

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DNA Isolation

Magnetic Beads for DNA Extraction and Cleanup

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PCR / Next-Generation Sequencing

Magnetic Beads for PCR Cleanup and NGS Size Selection

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Isolation of Proteins and Immunoprecipitation

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Beads with Streptavidin Surface

For Isolation and Cleanup of biotinylated Molecules

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Magnet Plates

Manual and Automated Workflows

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