ORAgene kits from DNA Genotek for collecting DNA and RNA from saliva

  • Non-invasive method
  • Extended product and sample shelf life (OG-500 up to 5 years!)
  • Provides high yield and quality of DNA
  • Excellent kit performance confirmed in many studies

Intended Use

  • Genotyping and genetic analysis (human genetics, anthropology, and ethnology)
  • Epidemiologic Studies
  • Biobanking
  • Personalised medicine
  • Donor typing

Your product of choice if

  • blood-taking is not possible due to technical, medical or ethical reasons
  • the cooling of the samples is not possible (e.g. field studies in tropical regions)
  • the shipping and handling of blood has to be avoided

DNA Kits for Research

ORAgene OG-500

OG-500Tube for 2 ml saliva, avg. yield about 110 µg DNA
OG-500.005Same as above but with barcoded tubes

ORAgene OG-575

OG-575Tube format for sampling from infants. Inclusive sponge for assisted sampling through adults. Avg. yield from 0,75 ml saliva about 17,3 µg DNA.

ORAcollect OC-175

OC-175Swab format for sampling from infants. Stabilisation requires no drying.

ORAgene OG-250

OG-250Disc-format, avg. yield from 2 ml saliva about 110 µg DNA

ORAgene RE-100 / CP-190

Change of Product

Dear customer, please be informed that the RE-100 kit has been replaced by its successor kit CP-190.

RE-100Container for 2 ml saliva. Sufficient for > 320 realtime PCR reactions/ml.

DNA Collection Kits for Diagnostics

ORAgene OG-510

OG-510Tube format for 1 ml saliva. Avg. yield about 55 µg DNA

ORAgene OG-575

OG-575Tube format for collecting saliva from infants. Incl. swab for assisted sampling through adults. Avg. yield from 0,75 ml saliva about 17,3 µg DNA

ORAgene ON-500

ON-500Tube format for 0,5 ml saliva. Avg. yield about 12 µg DNA

ORAcollect OCR-100

OCR-100Swab format, avg. yield from 1 ml saliva about 3,9 µg DNA

Additional Products


PG-100Collection kit for animal research and animal breeding, swab format

prepIT-L2P  PT-L2P

PT-L2P-5Solution for 200 extractions (0,5 mL saliva each)
PT-L2P-45Solution for 2000 extractions (0,5 mL saliva each)

prepIT L2P – Solution for extracting DNA from ORAgene saliva kits

prepIT is an advanced salting-out chemistry. It provides a high yield of high molecular DNA (> 23 kb) of excellent quality. The product is suited for small to medium throughput. For higher throughput we recommend our new magnetic bead extraction kit which is very easy to automate.

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