primaSYNTH products for cDNA synthesis


Enzymes and ready-to-use kits for first-strand cDNA synthesis. By combining them with our primaQUANT qPCR Master Mixes you will achieve a very efficient realtime PCR assay.

cDNA Kits

First Strand cDNA-Kit
ItemPack Size
SL-9511-2020 reactions (20 µl)
SL-9511-100100 reactions (20 µl)
SL-9511-10001000 reactions (20 µl)
5x RT Reaction Buffer, dNTP Mix (10 mM), dTT Stock solution (100 mM), OligoDT(20) Primer (10 µM), Random Hexamer Primer (100 µM), RNAse Inhibitor (40 U/µL), RNAse-free water
  • Ready-to-use-kit, just add your RNA
  • For template lengths up to 2000 bp
  • Optimised buffer system for complex RNA templates
  • Protocols with/without sample denaturation
  • Protocol for specific primers, random primers or oligo-dT primer

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