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MagSi-NGSprep Plus – proven quality and excellent pricing

Our MagSi-NGSprep Plus beads have proven their superior performance for PCR cleanup and size selection for Next Generation Sequencing in many labs.

The protocol is very fast and flexible and fully compatible with standard products.

  • Fast and easy protocols
  • Compatible with existing protocols
  • High purity
  • High recovery of PCR products
  • Efficient removal of enzyms, primers, oligonuleotides, polymerases and other undesired molecules
  • Suited for size selection from 100 bp up to 1000 bp
  • Provides consistent and robust sequencing results
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PCR Aufreinigung und NGS
DT Removal

PCR Cleanup and NGS

MagSi NGSprep Plus

MagSi-NGSPREP Plus – Magnetic Beads for PCR cleanup, NGS library preparation and size selection.

  • Protocol identic to Agencourt AMPure XP®
  • Optimised protocols for liquid handlers (Biomek®, Hamilton® Microlab STARlin)
  • Product suited for other liquid handlers (PerkinElmer® and Agilent Technologies®)
  • Best performance with our magnet plates for 96- and 384-well plates
  • Easy to automate, suited for HTS
ItemPack of
MDKT000100055 mL
MDKT0001007575 mL
MDKT00010500500 mL
MagSi NGSprep Plus Magnetic Beads in Puffer
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Dye-Terminator Removal

MagSi-DT Removal Beads

Hochwertige Beads zur schnellen Aufreinigung von Dye-Terminator-Sequenzier-Reaktionen („DT Removal“)

  • Hohe Signalintensität und Phred 20 Read-Länge
  • Effiziente Entfernung von nicht eingebauten Dye-Terminatoren und Salzen
  • Konsistente und robuste Performance
  • Einfache Automatisierung, HTS-kompatibel
MDKT00040088 mL
MDKT000405050 mL
MDKT0004500500 mL
Magnetic Beads, Puffer
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